1. Lifetime Care - Dispute assessors

    Information PDF [89 KB]

    Information about dispute assessors for participants in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme...

  2. Resolving disputes about a motor accident injury

    Information PDF [0.2 MB]

  3. Professional Criteria for Prescribers of Exercise and Fitness Equipment

    Tools PDF [54 KB]

    icare requires that exercise and fitness equipment prescribers meet necessary qualifications and levels of experience...

  4. Guidance note tutoring for students with brain injury

    Tools PDF [0.1 MB]

    Requests for tutoring should be included in an Education Support Request, refer to our Guidance Note for support...

  5. CANS form_2017

    Forms PDF [0.2 MB]

    Download the Care and Needs Scale (CANS) Form...

  6. Guide to completing the education support request form

    Tools PDF [59 KB]

  7. Professional Criteria for Prescribers

    Policies PDF [0.2 MB]

    icare requires that prescribers of assistive technology meet necessary qualifications and experience...

  8. Lifetime Care payment codes

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  9. Invoice requirements - Lifetime Care

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    Information about icare Lifetime Care invoicing requirements for service providers...

  10. Managing your supports

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