1. Crystalline Silica - Frequently asked questions

    Guidelines PDF [71 KB]

    Exposure to silica dust can result in inflammation and scarring of the lung and serious diseases may develop later...

  2. Benefits for dependants


    We provide compensation benefits to families who were dependant on someone who passed away due to a dust disease contracted in a NSW workplace...

  3. Review a benefit decision with icare Dust Diseases Care


    If you’re not satisfied with a decision we’ve made, there are a range of options available to you to help initiate an internal review...

  4. Lung screening service


    If your employer is based near the city, you may prefer to make a booking with our medical centre in the Sydney CBD. Screenings cost $100 plus GST, and there is no minimum number of workers that need...

  5. Lung screening for employees working with crystalline silica and manufactured stone products


    In partnership with SafeWork NSW, icare will be providing a free lung screening service for small businesses with less than 30 employees...

  6. Lung screen brochure

    Information PDF [0.8 MB]

  7. Funeral expenses fact sheet

    Information PDF [35 KB]

    If your family member received a benefit for a dust disease, we can help cover the funeral costs when they pass away...

  8. Working with us as an attendant care provider


    Attendant care providers need to be approved to work in our care schemes. We have a panel of approved attendant care providers who are appointed through a tender process...

  9. Self-management handbook

    Tools PDF [0.7 MB]

  10. Support and advocacy service for Lifetime Care

    Information PDF [0.1 MB]

    Support and advocacy service for Lifetime Care...