Lifetime Care case managers

Case managers play a central role supporting Lifetime Care participants, facilitate their treatment, rehabilitation and care needs.

Our participants have severe injuries that often require treatment, rehabilitation and care from multiple service providers. For some participants, having a case manager to coordinate all services means they can receive the care they need with a single point of contact.

Case managers work with the participant to identify their goals and support needs. They also work with us and service providers to coordinate the services a participant needs.

Case management services may be delivered directly by Lifetime Care staff or may be delivered by an external case manager.

Approved case managers (Lifetime Care)

Case managers within NSW must be approved by us to deliver services to Lifetime Care participants.

The Workers Care Program also prefers to use the list of approved case managers when selecting service providers for their injured workers.

Case managers outside of NSW can choose to become an approved case manager (Lifetime Care).

Apply to become an approved case manager (Lifetime Care)

Applications for becoming an approved case manager are currently suspended while the program undergoes review. Further information about becoming an approved case manager will be available on this page in the first half of 2019.

Support for new case managers

New case managers with Lifetime Care, are expected to take responsibility for becoming familiar with our systems and requirements once you receive your first referral.

For case managers working for an organisation that employs other approved case managers, it's expected that you'll receive support and supervision as part of your usual workplace arrangements.

Where no support at your workplace is available, the service delivery staff at Lifetime Care (for example coordinators) can help you navigate our systems and provide feedback to assist you to become familiar with our expectations. 

Training for new case managers

Case managers are also required to complete the eLearning modules on the person-centred approach available through our learning management system, Lifetime Learning.

All case managers are required to attend relevant face-to-face training in working with us when they secure their initial referral.

Workshops are advertised on our training and workshops page and in our eNews.

Join our database

We maintain a database (or Finder) of approved case managers who can deliver case management to Lifetime Care participants.

This database is available for use by service providers, participants and their families and the wider community. It can be used to locate potential case managers from specific localities and/or with specific experience and skills.

Case managers can promote their services by providing us with information which can be added to their entry on the Case Manager Finder.

Find a case manager

Updating your details

Approval as a case manager is given to individuals, not organisations.

This means that you can keep your status as an approved case manager with Lifetime Care even if your employment circumstances change.

We need to know about any changes to employment circumstances so that we can maintain an up-to-date Case Manager Finder.

To change your details, download and complete the Request to Amend Details Form below and email it to