Forms and resources for practitioners and providers

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Care schemes

Email to send a request or report to icare's schemes/programs (Lifetime Care and the Workers Care Program).

Assessment tools

American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale (ASIA)

Care and Needs Scale (CANS)

FIM and WeeFIM

Paediatric Care and Needs Scale (PCANS-2)

Case managers

Fees and invoicing


Spinal cord guidance

Wheelchair guidelines

Information sheets

Planning with an injured person – My Plan

Manual and information sheets

Engaging with a newly injured person – Adult

Planning – Adult

Requesting funding – Adult

Supporting documents – Adult

Engage with a newly injured person – Child

Planning - Child

Supporting documents – Child

There are different questionnaires for the child or parent (depending on the child’s age). Visit the KINDL website to find forms.

Requesting services for a severely injured person 

General requests

Care needs assessments

Discharge planning


Home modifications

Returning to work & study


Working with people with challenging behaviour