Workforce sustainability: COVID-19 recovery

icare commissioned a literature review on the effects of past public health events and created an employer toolkit to support NSW businesses safe return to the workplace.

A businesswoman enters an office building

Employer toolkit

During COVID-19, people may have experienced feelings of isolation, anxiety or stress. The employer toolkit recognises this, offering practical steps to identify operational needs and providing protective strategies NSW workplaces can utilise in the current phase of the COVID-19 recovery.

The icare employer toolkit identifies the top three areas employers can focus on to help their employees feel safe in coming back to work:

  • Good leadership
  • Consistent and clear communication
  • Best practice support

Research review

Alongside the employer toolkit, icare has produced a research report on the effects of public health events (epidemics and pandemics) on workforce sustainability. A literature review was conducted to provide icare and its customers with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of a pandemic on the sustainability and recovery of the NSW workforce. 

Findings in the research report were based on a literature review of 70 papers from the past 100 years of epidemics, pandemics and crisis situations. The report provides insights into psychological wellbeing and trends in consequences of health, social, economic and policy impacts.

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