Winners of the 2018 icare Insurance for NSW Awards Announced

The 2018 Insurance for NSW Awards recognised standout performers in the health, safety and risk management and work area.

A group photo of the winners of the IfNSW award smiling at the camera.

The winners of the 2018 Insurance for NSW Awards were announced yesterday, recognising standout performers in the NSW Government risk management and work, health, and safety area.

icare General Manager, Britt Coombe, said icare’s Insurance for NSW Awards provide a prime opportunity for NSW Government agencies to showcase outstanding risk management practice and innovation, and to share and learn from peers, leading to improved risk management capability across the sector.

“This year’s finalists and winners have shown leadership, passion and commitment to building a stronger and richer risk culture within their agencies. Highlighting and showcasing these exceptional initiatives will enable the exchanging of ideas and shared learning so we can collectively manage the NSW Government’s risk exposures. I congratulate all of the winners for their outstanding contributions,” said Ms Coombe.

This year, 23 organisations were nominated across five award categories including Risk Frameworks, Systems and Processes, General Claims Risk Innovation, Risk Reporting and Intelligence, and the Steve Hunt Award for Excellence in Prevention and Risk Leadership. 

Among the winners at the Insurance for NSW Awards was the Forensic & Analytical Science Service (FASS), NSW Health Pathology, who won the Steve Hunt Award (Excellence in Prevention) for their high-risk drug examinations project.

Fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances, which can be absorbed through the skin, pose a significant risk to the employees of the Illicit Drugs Analysis Unit at FASS. The existing procedures and personal protective equipment used for suspected drug items are not sufficient to guarantee safe examination of these illicit substances.

“We identified a problem with some new drugs that were coming into the country that were harmful to our staff. We came up with a new method and training video on how to handle these substances. The police were so impressed that they asked for the video to train their staff as well, so we are really pleased,” a representative from Forensic & Analytical Science Service, NSW Health Pathology said.

The Insurance for NSW Conference and Awards was held on Wednesday 12 September at the International Convention Centre, Sydney and was attended by more than 430 senior executives and risk management professionals from NSW government agencies.


icare’s Insurance for NSW Awards - Winners & Highly Commended

Risk Frameworks, Systems and Processes Category

There were two winners: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences for their 'Creatively embedding risk management' project and South Western Sydney Local Health District and partners for their 'Palliative care home support program (The PEACH program)'.

General Claims Risk Innovation Category

NSW Ambulance with QBE was the winner for their study on the 'Impact of exercise rehabilitation therapy on mental health'. The Department of Education received a commendation for their 'Supporting you pilot' that was part of the employee assistance program. 

Risk Reporting and Intelligence

The award for this category went to Northern Sydney Local Health District with Royal North Shore Hospital for their 'SPC traffic lights: stop on green and go on red' project.

Steve Hunt Award (Excellence in Prevention)

The winner in this category was Forensic & Analytical Science Service, NSW Health Pathology for their 'High-risk drug examinations' project. There were two commendations: Loose-fill Asbestos Implementation Taskforce - Department of Finance, Services and Innovation for their 'Achieving risk prevention with 65,000 inspections for loose-fill asbestos' study and Sydney Local Health District for their 'BPTOK: an innovative approach to physician burnout and suicide epidemic' study.

Risk Leadership

The winner in this category was Linda Campbell, Acting General Manager, South Western Sydney Local Health District. Marcus Turner, Director Financial Risk, at the Department of Planning and Environment and Michael Ingram, Manager Injury Management for the NSW Police Force received commendations.


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