Twin Taps innovates their way through challenging times

Sydney-based plumbing company Twin Taps is embracing innovation during COVID-19, helping improve safety in the construction industry.

A man is standing with his arms crossed in front of a white twin tops truck.

Twin Taps Director Adam Rutherford embraces innovation during this challenging time.

'Every adversity brings with it the seed of equal or greater benefit…'

No one knows this better than icare customer Twin Taps. As we all work together to face the challenges posed by COVID-19 impacts, Twin Taps is taking the opportunity to find new and different ways to keep their people safe.

This small Sydney-based plumbing company has developed and installed sensor-activated mobile wash stations and bubblers kits at one of their key construction sites to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and keep both their workers and clients safer.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Twin Taps has further increased their focus on safety, engaging in regular dialogue with one of their key clients, Australia’s leading commercial fit out provider SHAPE Australia, for whom they undertake most of their projects.

Like most companies, SHAPE is committed to doing whatever they can to keep surfaces clean and maintain a safe work environment. Twin Taps recognised that, given the virus can be transmitted by touch and live on surfaces for long periods of time, it would be difficult to stop the spread in high risk areas such as the tapware and bubblers in lunchrooms at their work sites, despite strict hand washing procedures being followed.

With this in mind, Twin Taps has constructed and fitted mobile wash stations and bubbler kits outside the site amenities and lunchrooms at SHAPE. These wash stations and bubbler kits operate on battery-sensor tapware that requires no touching of the taps or spouts to deliver water.

"Our aim was to make sure our workers could comfortably wash their hands and fill their drink bottles without having to touch any potential surfaces", said Twin Taps Director Adam Rutherford."

"The safety of our workers is paramount. It's important they can comfortably do their jobs, safe in the knowledge that we’re doing everything we can to protect them during these uncertain times. It gives them and their families peace of mind and means they can get on with helping our customers build their dreams by delivering them quality plumbing services," he added.

The sensor-activated wash stations have been designed and constructed to a size that can be fitted and transported to any site large or small complete with the ability to become a modular system.

"We're hoping other businesses in the construction industry can benefit from this initiative and are encouraged to come up other innovative ideas to reduce risk in the industry", said Mr Rutherford.

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