Tamworths Teys Australia works with icare and local community to iron out injuries

icare NSW has partnered with Teys Australia, major supplier of beef to supermarket giants Woolworths and ALDI, to curb injuries.

Speaking at Teys’ GP and Employers Forum in Tamworth this week, icare Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chris Colquhoun commended Teys for their commitment to their own workers’ health and safety at its Tamworth meat processing facility, and promote a positive safety and return-to-work environment with the local medical and business community, and that of the wider Northern NSW business community.

“Teys is a shining example of how an employer has taken a true ‘prevention before cure’ approach,” Dr. Colquhoun said.

“They recognised the human toll and financial cost of their employees’ injuries and were determined to address these issues resolutely.”

Dr Colquhoun highlighted Teys’ proactive approach to workplace health and safety, and how it will benefit their business long-term.

“Teys’ proactive approach to workplace safety and their commitment to forming strong relationships with GPs will enable their business to achieve significant returns in terms of healthier, happier and more productive workers.”
Dr. Chris Colquhoun icare Chief Medical Officer

“We applaud Teys' initiative in bringing GPs together in the spirit of collaboration and opening up its doors to other employers to share what has worked for them so far. This is a great example of one employer who has reached out to other partners in the system to explore ways to continuously improve."

“This forum is a perfect opportunity for local GPs and businesses to learn more about injury prevention strategies, and how icare is supporting employers like Teys’ to implement them.” Dr. Colquhoun said.

Forum attendees received an outline of Teys’ full worker wellbeing program, and a tour of its innovative, state of the art fitness centre for staff on the production line, delivered in partnership with icare.

“Fitness and preventative care is incredibly important for workforce wellbeing and sustainability. We recognise that the best type of injury is the one that never occurs, and this fitness centre is a win for workers and a win for Teys,” Teys Australia General Manager, Lachlan Teys said.

“Our team are industrial athletes. On the production line they endure stress on their bodies’ equivalent to that of elite sportspeople, so it’s imperative they stay fit and healthy to perform their job.”

“50 workers actively use the centre weekly, where they have access to on-site physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and doctors. They benefit from tailored exercise plans which helps them perform their daily duties and, in the event of an injury, rehabilitation plans that specifically meet their needs.”

“We are already seeing the benefits like reduced recovery time from injury and the prevention of many others,” Mr Teys said.

Watch the Teys Prevention Before Cure video.

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