Shine newsletter winter edition

We are very excited to present our winter edition of Shine magazine.

Getting back into the community. We meet Rex Hoare.

Shine provides participants of Lifetime Care and the Workers Care Program with an opportunity to share stories about life after a severe motor accident or workplace injury.

Each edition we hear from participants in both Lifetime Care and Workers Care and their unique and moving stories.

In a first for Shine, Michael a Lifetime Care participant - together with his partner Eimear have written their own story. They provide a heartfelt account of life after Michael suffered a stroke following a serious cycling accident, and the difficult road back to work as an academic at the University of Queensland and life in general.

We also hear from:

  • Glen, who shares his experience of ‘getting his mind right’ and trying new things after his spinal cord injury.
  • Rex talks about his return to social activities and music, and how this kept him connected to the community and his friends following his brain injury.
  • Brett, a young man who broke his neck in a swimming pool accident on a work trip, and where life has taken him since, including a recent trip with friends to the USA.
  • Barbara and her daughter Jane recall the full and active life Barbara, 87 years of age held prior to her injury. Planning to say goodbye after the ankle injury sustained in the accident turned into a serious stroke, and how they have all adjusted to Barbara living in an aged care home.
  • John, who underwent innovative surgery to have an i-limb prosthesis, or ‘robotic arm’ as John calls it - which uses Bluetooth to connect to his iPhone so he can instantly change grips and design his own movements, and the significant impact this has had on his independence.
  • Lorna and John Barclay explain how life has changed for them and their daughter Renee after Renee sustained a serious brain injury requiring fulltime care, and how home modifications enabled Renee aged 35 to remain living at home and continue to have regular contact with her family.

We regularly receive feedback that stories shared in Shine help foster a sense of connection and shared experience amongst participants, workers and their families in similar circumstances. With over 1,800 participants across Lifetime Care and Workers Care, each participant has unique experiences and insights to share.

If you are a Lifetime Care or Workers Care participant , or a family member or carer and are interested in sharing your story, please call 1300 738 586 or email