Shine magazine summer edition

We are very excited to present our summer edition of Shine magazine.

Woman on a yoga mat with her arms stretched out on the beach

Shine magazine is produced for participants of Lifetime Care and the Workers Care Program. Each issue people can share their unique stories in their own voice about life after a severe motor accident or workplace injury.

We hear stories of resilience and rehabilitation from families and carers, heartfelt stories of strength and courage that provide insight into what's possible after a serious injury. In this edition we visit people from Griffith, Leeton and Narrandera and hear how living in rural and remote regions impacts their recovery.

Elise Speirs, Lifetime Care participant – and Shine cover story, provides an insight into how she is putting her life back together after sustaining a severe brain injury. In March 2018 Elise was returning home from dropping her son to the school bus when she lost control of her car on a notorious bend of mountain road. Elise was found the next morning – 13 hours later by the driver of a Bunnings delivery van. She shares her story of rehabilitation and her approach to life long recovery with a brain injury.

We also hear from:

A man standing in front of a tractor in an organge grove with a dog at the front.


An active and outgoing person shares his experience of initially struggling to come to terms with his injury to then being able to return to work.
A man is standing in a garden looking at the camera.


A successful builder talks about managing chronic pain with a spinal cord injury, his love of motorbikes and how he managed to return to working in his own business.

Two men and two women are smiling at the camera.

Brian and Jacqui Walsh

A farming family of Leeton explain how life has changed for them, and their son Dean, who sustained a serious brain injury requiring full-time care.

A man sitting in a vegetable garden.


A young man from Griffith sustained a brain injury whilst undertaking an apprenticeship 20 years ago shares how his volunteer work at a local school has put him in a good place, in love with life.

Two women sitting down looking at the camera with one woman's arm over the others.


A fit and friendly 32-year-old woman from Kingscliff, talks openly about the impact of behavioural changes from a brain injury, her battle with anger management, alcohol and other drugs and how she's turned her life around.
A man with medals around his neck is in a sports ground.


Since he was in the 2016 Shine issue, 21-year-old Matt from Narrandera: got his license, been awarded Junior citizen of the year in the local Australia Day celebrations and continues to volunteer in his local community and study at TAFE.

If you are a Lifetime Care or Workers Care participant, or a family member or carer and are interested in sharing your story, please call 1300 738 586 or email