Shine Art Prize

icare is holding our inaugural Shine Art Prize for Lifetime and Workers Care participants to recognise and encourage artistic practice for people with severe injuries.

Painting of five hands surrounding a heart

Artwork by Alison, Lifetime Care participant

The Shine Art Prize highlights the role of artistic activities in maintaining wellbeing and promoting community participation.

A series of online art workshops is available to assist with completing entries into the art competition. Workshops include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and a designated children's workshop offered to our younger Care participants.

The online art workshops will be provided by Accessible Arts, the peak arts and disability organisation in NSW and people can participate from the comfort of their home. They are designed to be inclusive, fun, engaging and interactive to promote self-confidence and give Care participants skills to either begin or develop their artistic practice.

The Shine Art Prize is open to Lifetime Care and Workers Care participants.

The workshops are free to join and are open to Lifetime Care and Workers Care participants who are planning on submitting at least one entry into the Shine Art Prize.

“Art is something anybody can have a go at, you don't have to be great. It's therapeutic – whether it's any good or not doesn't matter, it makes you feel great.”

Lifetime Care and Workers Care participants can enter the art prize by completing this online entry form. For further information email

Entries close at 5pm on 31 January 2021.

Enter the Shine Art Prize