Second quarterly update of icare's Improvement Program released

The update sets out observations by Promontory Australia, on icare's progress in addressing the McDougall and GAC Recommendations between 1 March 2022 to 30 April 2022. 

icare has made considerable progress in its Improvement Program, as recognised by independent assurer, Promontory Australia, in its second quarterly review.

Work has been completed on 26 Initiative Design Phases, 11 Implement Phases and four Embed Phases, and work has commenced on a further 30 Design Phases, 25 Implement Phases and 13 Embed Phases.

Importantly, icare has achieved a significant milestone by finalising plans that outline the remediation actions that will be undertaken to address the relevant recommendations from the reviews.

Promontory found the Improvement Program has been established with sound foundations and an emphasis on completing activities in a timely manner.

Governance forums are proving effective for discussion of program progress and risks. In particular, Promontory has observed a positive shift in governance forums from the planning phase right through to delivering outcomes.

Promontory observed, through attendance at various governance forums, icare's awareness of the importance of having the necessary capacity and capability to support its reform agenda, including the importance of having appropriate resourcing. These developments all represent important advancement in icare's Improvement Program. 

icare agrees with Promontory on the importance of focusing on prioritisation, resourcing, and mapping of dependencies in achieving the Program’s outcomes. These areas receive direct focus as a result of the Improvement Program's designation as a “must-do” program under icare's prioritisation system.

"I'm proud of the progress we're making in this significant program of reform and remediation, and it's good to see Promontory recognise our good work," icare CEO Richard Harding said.

"We accept that the next important step will be to continue to prioritise initiatives so that those most impactful are afforded the requisite attention. We have the team in place to fulfil the commitments."

"Positive and lasting change does not come quickly or easily. We understand that and are absolutely committed to the work we’re doing."

The update follows the Final Establishment Report (December 2021) and First Quarterly Update (March 2022).

Promontory will continue to provide quarterly updates on icare's progress in executing the Improvement Program. These updates are published on this website.