Review of the Lifetime Care and Support Guidelines 2018

icare Board approves Lifetime Care’s revised statutory Guidelines for gazettal on Wednesday 21 November 2018.

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What are the changes? 

Lifetime Care consulted extensively with stakeholders to review all parts of the Guidelines. We revised the Guidelines to: 

  • be more flexible and person-centred to align with our participant planning process ‘My Plan’
  • be easier to read (using plain English)
  • be more consistent with the legislation
  • ensure that they continue to perform their statutory functions in defining who is eligible for the Scheme, the process for disputes, decision-making and the definition of ‘reasonable and necessary’ treatment and care. 

When will the new Guidelines apply?

The new Guidelines will apply on and from Wednesday 21 November 2018 to:

  • all new plans and requests for services to all assessments of needs and approval decisions that Lifetime Care makes for plans and requests
  • all new applications to the Scheme (both interim and lifetime) to all new dispute applications.

The previous Guidelines apply to applications, disputes, requests and plans received on or before Tuesday 20 November 2018 and where Lifetime Care has not yet made a decision.


Please email if you have any questions about the new Guidelines.

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