New app to improve patient safety in NSW hospitals

A new mobile app for health professionals, designed to improve patient safety in NSW hospitals, is being piloted in the Sydney Local Health District.

Medical team with mature aged female patient lying in a hospital bed.

The app records the competencies of junior doctors and provides supervising clinicians with a real-time understanding of the qualifications and experience of their staff.

The app allows junior doctors to record competencies or qualifications they achieve as they progress through their training. Supervisors can then access a dashboard where they can view each doctor's record and assess what training is still required.

The app also delivers a platform for training directors to obtain an overarching view of the qualifications and competencies of a cohort of staff across health services and networks, which will assist with the planning of education and training programs.

The app is being piloted thanks to a $60,000 funding injection from icare foundation. It will be tested by a select group of surgical senior resident medical officers in Sydney Local Health District in partnership with the Clinical Excellence Commission and Health Education and Training Institute.

If successful, the new tracking program will be the first endorsed app of its kind in the NSW health system.


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