New app improves health outcomes for wheelchair users

loop+ is a new remote care monitoring platform that tracks user activity and alerts providers to potential health issues such as pressure sores. 

icare staff and loop plus founder sitting at a table at the techability morning tea.

Chris Nicholls, Clare Conroy and Kath Hamilton from Loop+ visited icare to celebrate the announcement of their partnership with the icare foundation. They met with icare Care and Community team members Liza MacLean and Nick Taylor.

A new prototype activity tracker for wheelchair users aims to improve health outcomes for people living with a spinal cord injury through remote patient monitoring, early detection and intervention.

The platform loop+ features a wheelchair sensor mat that continuously measures pressure, position and general activity throughout the day. This alerts health care professionals to potential risks like pressure wounds. This means they can intervene early and stop problems before they develop. This positive feedback loop also works to promote healthy wheelchair habits and reduce the acceleration of scoliosis and respiratory issues.

Following $500,000 in funding from icare foundation, loop+ will further develop the platform in to a pilot with a NSW hospital spinal unit.

“The loop+ mission is to transform the way wheelchair users manage their health. The platform aims to assist both clients and allied health professionals to significantly improve the quality of the care provided and manage the risk of health issues such as pressure wounds,” a statement from loop+ said.

“As a remote care monitoring platform, it translates and tracks care plans into the home, supporting wheelchair users and their families everyday” the statement added.

The investment is part of the icare foundation’s commitment to funding initiatives that prevent injuries, empower people to recover from injury and help them return to their communities sooner.

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