JB Hi-Fi's safe ways of working

A commitment to safe ways of working has resulted in Australia’s largest home entertainment retailer, JB Hi-Fi, winning an icare Aware Award for excellence in injury prevention.

icare team presenting jb-hi delegates with icare-aware award outside jb hi-fi store.

Esther Ekkelenkamp, icare’s Injury Prevention Specialist, presents the JB HiFi team with their icare Aware Award, in recognition of their safer ways of working.

Over the past two years JB Hi-Fi has continued to improve its safety standards and reinforce its strong safety culture, according to Jason McLaughlin, icare’s General Manager, Prevention Product and Pricing.

“It’s great to see how a program of initiatives to improve safety standards across their 65 NSW stores has become embedded in JB Hi-Fi’s day-to-day way of working,” said Mr McLaughlin.

“JB Hi-Fi is a good example of a business with not only a ‘we can do it’ attitude but also a ‘this is how we do it attitude'. That’s how a strong safety culture is born and is the best defence in reducing injuries in the workplace,” he added.

JB Hi-Fi's approach to safety

JB Hi-Fi’s approach to safety is built upon strong commitment from senior management, with the company’s Managing Director chairing its safety committee.

JB Hi-Fi continually focuses on enhancing its safety culture and performance, and regularly develops safety improvement strategies including safety training for area and store managers, weekly safety talks, and development of injury management packs.

JB Hi-Fi has also invested in upgrading equipment to eliminate hazardous manual tasks, including a special trolley designed by one of JB Hi-Fi’s employees.

Tara Ryan, JB-Hi-Fi’s National Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Manager, explained that during the first year the initiative was rolled out the company started seeing a significant drop in its lost time injury frequency rate, which has dropped by 40 per cent over the past year alone.

“Our people are our greatest asset and we need to keep them safe,” Ms Ryan said.

“We are as committed to the safety of our team members as we are to providing excellent customer service,” she added.

“What I’m most proud of is that everyone across JB Hi-Fi, from our store teams through to our merchandising teams, embrace our commitment to safety with enthusiasm rather than seeing it as a hassle or ‘another thing to do'. Safety has not seen as an ‘initiative’ but rather ‘our way of working’,” explained Ms Ryan.

Following these significant achievements JB Hi-Fi is also focusing on mental health and wellbeing initiatives to promote even safer ways of working.

JB Hi-Fi - Safe ways of working

Over the past two years JB Hi-Fi has continued to improve its safety standards and reinforce its strong safety culture. Watch their video to find out how they embedded safer ways of working across their 65 NSW stores.
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