International day of mourning service

Workers who have lost their lives in a workplace incident or from occupational disease will be remembered today at a memorial.

icare CEO Vivek Bhatia, who will attend the official state memorial service in Reflection Park in Darling Harbour, Sydney to mark the International Day of Mourning, said the day is an important opportunity for people and employers of NSW to reflect on those who have sadly lost their lives due to a work-related incident or illness.

“Today we pay our respects to workers who have lost their lives due to a workplace incident or occupational disease, while also reiterating our utmost commitment to developing a culture of safety and wellbeing at work,” he said.

“It is important that the legacy of the lives lost through a workplace fatality are remembered and that we learn from the stories of the families left behind, so we can all return home safely to our loved ones at the end of the day.

“The latest figures show that in NSW, 78 workers died as a result of workplace incidents in a year[1], far too many precious lives lost on the job.

“The loss of a loved one through workplace injury or illness has a devastating community effect, as well as financial, social and emotional impact on loved ones, families and workplaces.

“I encourage employers and workers to observe a minute’s silence at 11am to reflect on the importance of building safer workplaces for our community,” Mr. Bhatia said.

Also, icare today also announced the availability of an essential information resource – icare’s Grief Support Pack - to help families access counselling and other support services through icare and the community after a death resulting from a workplace incident.

“Our goal is to provide the best level of support for families coping with change and the impact of loss in their lives,” Mr. Bhatia said.

“Families are at the heart of our community and we recognise their vulnerability when they experience the traumatic workplace death of a loved one. Just finding the information and extra support available can be difficult when so overwhelmed by loss.

“At this incredibly difficult time, our Grief Support Pack will also help families to understand the function of the different agencies that are involved when a person dies at work, and the support services available to them”, he said.

icare’s Grief Support Pack provides the following information for families:

  • Practical information about what happens when a person dies in work-related circumstances, such as the different agencies involved, and how to access support through icare and the community.
  • Stories of support and empathy from families to help during the grief experience – with open letters from family members, who share their stories of losing a husband and a son, and how they learned to live with that loss.

For more information on icare’s grief and counselling support services for family members, contact: 02 9216 3375

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