icare to share workers insurance compensation insights with Coffs Harbour and Grafton employers

Insurance and Care (icare) NSW is hosting a free workers insurance forum in Coffs Harbour on Thursday 4 July to help employers navigate the NSW workers compensation scheme.

The icare Mobile Engagement Team visit Coffs Harbour and Grafton

icare's Mobile Engagement Team

David Huxley, Relationship Manager in icare’s Mobile Engagement Team, said the purpose of the event was to provide information and tools to help employers reduce incidents in their workplaces and better support their workers in the event of a physical or psychological workplace injury. 

“We understand that workers compensation can be complex, and we want to make it easier for employers in the region to understand the system so that they can meet their obligations and protect their workers,” Mr Huxley said. 

“Our free forum will provide practical tips for local employers to reduce injuries in their workplace, help injured employees get back to work sooner, and minimise the cost of their workers insurance premium. We’ll also provide tools for building a psychologically resilient workplace culture."

“Coffs Harbour and Grafton have a combined workforce of more than 40,500 employees and in the past 12 months, 942 workers compensation claims have been made by workers in the region." 

“We’re particularly keen to speak to employers in retail as the industry recorded 121 claims of those claims – this is the third highest number of claims of any industry in the region. Injured retail workers are also remaining off work for an average of 55 days, almost a month longer than manufacturing or construction workers. 

“Worryingly, young workers, aged 20 to 29, have experienced 25 per cent of all workplace injuries in the region. This is a clear sign that more needs to be done to reduce injuries in this age group,” Mr Huxley said.

While psychological injuries account for only 4.5 per cent of workers compensation claims in Coffs Harbour and Grafton, they are amongst the most costly, with twice as much work time is lost, on average, for a mental health workers compensation claim as for a physical injury claim.

“With these facts at our fingertips, we’re looking forward to partnering more closely with businesses in Coffs Harbour and Grafton, working with them to develop practical improvement plans to build safe, happy and mentally healthy workplaces,” he said.

Event details

When: 8:00am to 12:30pm, Thursday 4 July 2019

Where: Pacific Bay Resort, Cnr of Pacific Highway and Bay Drive, Coffs Harbour


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