icare provides new training to help employers respond to mental health in the workplace

Mental health is an important aspect of keeping people safe at work.

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icare is helping employers consider how to take an integrated approach in the workplace via the new 'More than mental health skills' training program.

The new program is designed to encourage businesses to take a more strategic approach to psychosocial risk in the workplace and builds on the existing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training delivered by icare.

Caringa Australia participated in the new program and found the course content extremely practical and useful.

"The workshop created the opportunity to take what each person had learnt during MHFA training and apply it to the development of organisational resources and processes," says Ruby Grieves, System Development and Quality Coordinator at Caringa Australia.

"It provided valuable and practical resources for Caringa to use when implementing and measuring any proposed process changes. This further assists us to meet our compliance requirements to physical and psychosocial safety of our workers.

"We would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for practical ways to integrate mental health safety into their business."

The 'More than mental health skills' program identifies the most suitable ways to engage and promote the MHFA Officer role at an individual and organisational level. It walks through what this may look like for a small, medium or large employer with regards to connecting your network, creating visibility and promoting success.

"The course looks everything from how MHFA Officers can create leadership buy in and how to overcome challenges if this doesn’t occur," says Esther Ekkelenkamp, icare Senior Injury Prevention Specialist.

"It looks at considerations to make when defining what support and commitment looks like, guidance on how to understand your risk factors, and key considerations for Work Health and Safety (WHS) management system integration."

The foundation of this new training program is based on the three pillars in the Federal Government’s 'Blueprint for Mentally Healthy Workplace'. The program provides guidance on how to:

  • Protect: Build capability to consider psychosocial hazards and risks as well as create leadership support
  • Promote: Identify ways to raise organisational awareness of the internal mental health resources available
  • Respond: How to respond to mental health illness, injury or crisis in the workplace.

Businesses interested in learning more about this important part of workplace safety should contact prevent@icare.nsw.gov.au.

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