icare launch means better care for workers

Insurance & Care NSW (icare), the state’s customer-focused workers compensation insurance and care provider, has been launched.

Insurance & Care NSW (icare), the state’s customer-focused workers compensation insurance and care service provider, has been officially launched by the Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet.

Minister for Finance, Services & Property Dominic Perrottet officially launched Insurance & Care NSW (icare), the state’s new customer-focused workers compensation insurance and care service provider, with the announcement of the remaining appointments to icare’s board of directors.

Mr Perrottet said icare would deliver fairer, more sustainable workers insurance schemes to injured workers and their employers, with a focus on the person, not the process.

"icare has been designed to put the needs and experience of injured workers at the centre of what it does, and today's launch means the reality for injured workers in NSW is better care and support when they need it most," he said.

icare delivers insurance and care services to people with injuries under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme, the Lifetime Care and Support Authority, the Dust Diseases Authority, the NSW Self Insurance Corporation and NSW Sporting Injuries Compensation Authority. The organisation manages $31 billion in assets and $26 billion in liabilities, making it one of the largest general insurance service providers in Australia.

The launch follows changes announced in August this year, which saw the separation of WorkCover NSW into three new discrete organisations: the State Insurance Regulatory Authority for workers compensation regulation, SafeWork NSW for work health and safety regulation, and icare for workers compensation insurance.

icare CEO Vivek Bhatia said, “icare's mission is to be a centre of excellence for providing person-centred insurance services and long term care, helping people return to work and improving their quality of life outcomes."

Mr Perrottet said non-executive directors Gavin Bell, Elizabeth Carr, Peeyush Gupta, Mark Lennon, Lisa McIntyre, and David Plumb would bring a mix of private and public sector skills and international industry expertise to the board, complementing existing board members, Chair Michael Carapiet, Deputy Chair Michael Pratt, and CEO Vivek Bhatia.

Over the coming months, icare will continue to hone the design of its strategic program to improve the overall customer experience.