icare insights — impact of new technology

This insight is from Finity’s latest quarterly report on the operation of the Nominal Insurer Scheme.

The latest data on workers insurance in NSW shows the introduction of icare’s new claims management technology in February 2019 and the initial impact of processing of new claim payments. The introduction of the new claims system coincided with a slowdown in weekly and medical benefit claims receiving their first payment in the quarter of their accident (see Figures 1 and 2 below).   

We acknowledge the challenges associated with implementing the new system and have made a concerted effort over the year to resolve these with our scheme agent partner. Our latest workers insurance claims performance data is a reflection of this. 

Based on our claims system data for the month of September, the speed that claim payments are made for both weekly and medical benefits has significantly increased. As such, payment speeds for the September month are now in line with past scheme experience.

Graph showing number of newly commenced weekly benefits

Figure 1: Number of Newly Commenced Weekly Benefits

Graph showing number of newly commenced medical actives

Figure 2: Number of Newly Commenced Medical Actives (number of claims that received a medical payment in the payment quarter)

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