icare confirms reorganisation to bring decision-making closer to the people we serve

icare CEO Richard Harding announces structural changes.

icare CEO Richard Harding today announced the next stage in resetting the organisation with proposed wider changes to simplify the business and bring decision-making closer to the people we serve.

"I was appointed to reset the organisation and this is the next step," said Mr Harding.

"In March this year we commenced by aligning the Group Executive functions to the schemes. This was to bring end to end accountability to the senior management for the people we serve.

"Over the past two months we have undertaken further work to apply this across the entire organisation, with the goal of removing layers of management, reducing complexity and improving the information flow between the front line and the Board.

"Today we announce how we propose to make this happen with changes squarely focused on senior leaders, management and non-customer-facing roles.

"Almost 100 roles will become redundant across the organisation and two thirds of these are management roles.

"No customer facing roles will be made redundant. The front line at icare is a fantastic NSW public asset that I will continue to leverage and build upon, ensuring the organisation is focused on what it was set up to do.

"These changes mean icare will be structured with clear accountability and with reduced layers of management, bringing the leadership closer to the front line.

"It also means that icare will be in better shape to address the McDougall recommendations and to better serve injured workers and road users, NSW businesses, builders and homeowners and the NSW Government by bringing decision making closer to them.

"There will be a period of consultation with icare employees over the coming two weeks. Following this all changes will be implemented in the next financial year.

"While such times are always difficult in the short-term, having clarity of purpose, clear accountability, and bringing leaders closer to the people we serve will enable the organisation to better meet community expectations long-term," Mr Harding said.