icare brings Lung Bus to regional NSW

The icare Mobile Lung Bus is visiting Coffs Harbour, South West Rocks and Ulladulla in August to provide specialised lung health assessments to current and retired workers.

icare mobile lung screening bus

Target workers are those at risk of developing a workplace dust disease, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis or silicosis. 

“Our Lung Bus may look like any other semi-trailer, but on board is a medical screening team including an experienced general practitioner who can provide a lung health assessment, a radiographer performing chest x-rays and a certified respiratory scientist performing lung function tests. The full examination is just 25 minutes,” said Nick Allsop, icare Group Executive, Care and Community.

The Mobile Lung Bus is available free of charge to retirees, who were possibly exposed to hazardous dusts such as asbestos and silica during their working life, and to those who were previously employed in an at-risk industry but have now moved into a different occupation. 

“At-risk industries include excavation and demolition, road construction, stonemasonry and some construction-related activity like abrasive blasting and brick cutting which are common avenues for hazardous dust exposure,” Mr Allsop said.

“If during your working life in NSW, you regularly carried out this type of work, we really encourage you to contact icare to arrange a free lung health assessment."

“We recognise that it’s difficult for people in regional or rural areas to access specialist health services – they often have to travel long distances or experience lengthy wait times for an appointment – so that’s why we bring the Lung Bus to communities like Coffs Harbour, South West Rocks and Ulladulla,” Mr Allsop said.

The Lung Bus is also available to assist high-risk employers to meet their regulatory obligations to provide health monitoring for employees exposed to hazardous dusts. 

“We want to make it easier for NSW employers to meet this obligation, so we bring the service to them, and offer it at a subsidised rate of $100 plus GST per person,” Mr Allsop said. 

In 2017-18, the icare Mobile Lung Screen travelled more than 50,000 kilometres and provided lung health assessments to 3,660 retired and at-risk workers at 71 locations across NSW. 

If you are diagnosed with a dust disease as a result of harmful dust exposure in a NSW workplace, icare Dust Diseases Care will provide financial support to you and your family. In 2017-18, the Dust Disease Care scheme provided support and care to 4,609 past and present workers with dust diseases and their dependants.

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If you live or work in Coffs Harbour, South West Rocks or Ulladulla and you are interested in taking advantage of this mobile lung screen service, contact icare’s Dust Diseases Care team on 13 94 44 or visit icare lung screening service.