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NSW businesses making a difference through their efforts to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses will be recognised by the new icare aware awards.

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NSW businesses who are making a difference through their efforts to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses will be recognised by the new icare aware awards. Jason McLaughlin, icare’s General Manager Injury Prevention and Pricing, is encouraging companies to nominate now for the work they are doing to keep their people safe. 

“Health and safety should be front of mind as employers and workers of NSW go about their day. Over the coming months we’ll be acknowledging the businesses who clearly value their employees by investing in innovative initiatives,” Mr McLaughlin said. 

“For the past two years we have rewarded businesses who strive to keep their people safe through the icare aware award but we are formalising the award, opening it up to nominations from industry. 

“There’s a lot of great work going on as NSW businesses realise the productivity and people benefits of taking small steps to improve safety for their workers. Even the smallest of steps can lead to big change and the icare aware award program is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their efforts to embed a culture that supports strong safety behaviours.” 

The award’s most recent winner, energy company Jemena, was recognised for their innovative How Would You Do It (HWYDI) initiative, a safety program built in consultation with Jemena’s employees. Watch the video below to hear more about Jemena's safety program.

Jemena Executive General Manager–Service Delivery John Van Wheel said they have embedded a strong safety culture in the organisation through a program to help them better understand why injuries were taking place and how they could empower their staff with the right knowledge, skills and tools to tackle issues that were making their working days difficult or riskier than they should be.

“HWYDI acknowledges our workers are the experts in what they do and empowers them to bring ideas on how to do things better so we can deliver better safety, engagement and customer service outcomes," said Mr Van Wheel. 

“The results have been outstanding. In our Gas Distribution division alone we experienced an 83 per cent reduction in its injury frequency rate since the program started in 2015.” 

Businesses are now able to nominate either themselves, or a business they know, for an award. Winners will receive automatic selection into the icare Care and Service Excellence (CASE) awards

icare’s team of injury prevention specialists will be partnering with NSW businesses even more closely over the next 12 months to help those that most need support with injury prevention. 

“We’re committed to finding new ways to engage with and support businesses in NSW when it comes to injury prevention. Right now, we’re in the process of designing a voluntary program where icare will support employers to develop practical improvement plans for injury prevention.  

“Working to reduce workplace injuries not only ensures NSW workers reach home safely every day, it also makes good business sense. icare rewards safe employers with lower premiums which means more money to invest in growing their business,” Mr McLaughlin said.

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