icare announces education partnership with the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF)

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) forms new partnership with the PIEF as the Professional Standards Framework enters a new phase focused on upskilling frontline staff.

icare has reached a new milestone in the rollout of Australia's first Professional Standards Framework for workers compensation claims professionals, forming a new partnership with the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF).

The next phase of the Framework focuses on upskilling frontline staff and promoting their career progression through new learning and development activities in their workplaces. 

In 2023, the partnership will deliver an improved accreditation pathway for claims management professionals that recognises experience and streamlines access to certificate-level learning. A shared focus on high-quality vocational qualifications will also reinforce the practices, skills, and knowledge embedded in the Framework.

Richard Harding, CEO and Managing Director at icare, said that the partnership with PIEF will forge new career paths across the insurance sector and improve outcomes for workers, and employers.

"Case officers are the foundation of our support system for injured workers, and they play a crucial role for individuals in the delivery of treatment and return to work."

"The enhanced learning suite being guided by PIEF will help our sector to retain experienced case officers and attract talented newcomers into rewarding careers. And the uplift in workforce capabilities that are aligned to the Framework will enable injured workers to recover and return to work faster. This is a significant step forward in improving performance across the industry," Richard said.

Noel Lyons, Chief Executive Officer at PIEF, said his organisation is proud to partner with icare and key industry stakeholders to deliver education that promotes consistency in claims management and that improves the professionalism and capability of the industry. 

"There are strong synergies between PIEF and icare, as we both share a commitment to uplift the capabilities of workers compensation claims management professionals and provide the highest levels of service to injured workers and their employers.

"Our mission is to empower our industry to provide knowledgeable and compassionate care, and this important program of work will support claims management professionals to do this with industry-leading education and career guidance," Noel said.

As announced in November 2021, the Framework was developed through consultation with Claims Service Providers (CSPs), regulatory groups and relevant government agencies, as well as Significant Injured Worker and Employer research.

For a detailed view on the core competencies and proficiency levels set out for claims management professionals in the Professional Standards Framework, download the full document below.

icare and the PIEF will now focus on the rollout of new training programs and learning resources to widely implement the Professional Standards Framework and enhance the capabilities of claims management professionals. 

Our Professional Standards

The Professional Standards encompass the practices, skills, knowledge and behaviours that are critical for claims management teams to promote professional growth and aspiration towards industry best.
Two hands shaking
A representation of a network of people with different levels of authority
Two hands putting together two jigsaw piececs

Positive connections

We collaborate openly to create positive experiences.

Empowered leadership

We inspire and empower others to maximise potential and achieve common goals.

Holistic case management

We take a holistic approach to facilitate recovery and return to work.

A representation of a document with a checklist
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Scheme regulation

We adhere and comply to the NSW workers compensation legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines.

Bringing best self

We role model behaviours and mindsets that bring our best self to work, and we support others.

Business enablers

We apply the right skills, tools and resources to achieve timely and quality outcomes.