icare and eml's managing mental health seminar

icare and EML’s manging mental health seminar drives improved management of mental illness in NSW first-reponder agencies.

icare and EML’s manging mental health seminar drives improved management of mental illness in NSW first-reponder agencies.

  • 1 in 5 people are likely to experience a mental health condition during their life.
  • Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian employers $11 billion every year through absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims.

The NSW Mental Health Commissioner John Feneley today signaled strong support for the Managing Mental Health Seminar, held today in Sydney, in support of NSW government First Responder employees.

The seminar, sponsored by icare and EML will explore world-class techniques, resources and management tools to train managers to better assist and support employees experiencing mental health issues.

The seminar will provide first responders and other government employees with best practice, strategies and resources to help workers at the coalface, who may be struggling to cope with mental health issues.

“NSW’s First Responder emergency services workers form the frontline of the community’s safety 24/7 and it is our responsibility to look after their mental health and wellbeing”, Commissioner Feneley said.

“There is much to be gained from the joint-commitment of First Responder agencies to change their culture and reduce stigma around mental illness. Knowledge exchange opportunities such as today demonstrate this ongoing commitment," he said.

EML CEO Mark Coyne said as a leading claims services manager, EML aims to help people get their lives back after injury.

“This seminar provides a fresh approach for managers to better manage mental health issues in the workforce. Attendees will hear first-hand from people living with mental health challenges and how it impacts on their work life.”
Mark Coyne EML CEO

“Today’s event is about arming peers with the best techniques to support their colleagues, to ensure mental health issues are identified earlier, and that appropriate care and support can be provided to workers who need it the most.

“It is a clear example of how EML and icare are evolving the traditional approach of clinicians providing mental health information, to an evidence-based medicine approach focused on real-world examples and strategies that help peers to support colleagues experiencing mental illness”, he said.

icare General Manager Health & Community Engagement, Eugene McGarrell, said: “icare’s number one priority is to ensure that first-responder workers suffering from mental illness receive early intervention and the best possible care available to help them recover and return to life safely."

“icare will continue to collaborate with our claims services partners like EML to provide the best customer experience for first-responder workers.

“We are delighted to deliver this engaging seminar to the unsung heroes of our community who experience enormous mental and physical challenges in protecting us all,” Mr McGarrell said.

The seminar also featured insightful talks by the following experts:

  • Professor Michael Sullivan - Canadian academic, psychologist and expert in neurology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec on “Perceived Injustice” and how it can contribute to a wide range of problematic outcomes following work-related injuries and how to better manage people who feel aggrieved. The seminar also covered issues of bullying, mental health stigma and incivility in the workplace, featuring practical tips employers can apply to develop resilience.
  • Todd Sampson - award-winning documentary-maker, advertising guru, adventurer and businessman spoke about the ‘neuroplasticity of the brain’ and how we can retrain our minds to overcome significant physical and mental challenges.

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