icare and APC host wheelchair basketball challenge

A game of wheelchair basketball reminded attendees that people can recover from injuries, return to work and excel in their communities.

Picture of icare, the Australian Paralympic Committee  and  Wheelchair Sports NSW members on a basketball court at a wheelchair basketball challenge

On Monday 28 May 2018, icare and the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) held a wheelchair basketball challenge, bringing together representatives from icare, APC, Wheelchair Sports NSW and customers of icare Workers Insurance.

Under the guidance of three-time Paralympic medallist Sarah Stewart and Rik Engles and Catherine Nelson from Wheelchair Sports NSW, employers, brokers, claims agents and representatives from the NSW Business Chamber went head-to-head in a game of wheelchair basketball. 

“Coming together over a friendly game of wheelchair basketball was a great opportunity for icare to engage with its customers, brokers and claims agents in social setting,” said Peter Walker, icare’s Corporate Relationship Manager.

It was an amazing way for those in the Workers Insurance industry to experience first-hand how a person who uses a wheelchair can be enabled and liberated by it, and how it can become an extension of their body.

icare has a long running partnership with the Australian Paralympic Committee. For more than a decade, the Paralympic Speakers Program has provided workplaces with access to current and former Paralympians who have been affected by workplace injuries to share their personal stories of how their lives were impacted by a workplace injury and how they recovered and went on to become top performing athletes.

The Wheelchair Basketball Challenge was a reminder for all attendees that, as with a person who acquires a disability and achieves sporting excellence, a worker can recover from an injury, return to work and excel in their workplace and community.

“A big thank you to the Australian Paralympic Committee and Wheelchair Sports NSW for facilitating a fantastic event for icare and its customers, ” Mr Walker said.