Hear from our Care participants on what independence means for them

icare launched a new video recognising the importance of improving quality of life and independence for our Care participants.

Melissa Bruce, Partner of Lifetime Care participant

Melissa Bruce, Partner of Lifetime Care participant

Our participants from Lifetime Care, Dust Diseases Care and Workers Care Program told us about what the person-centred support provided by icare means for them.

“To have this organisation be so supportive was incredibly helpful, financially, practically, medically and personally. We’re becoming more social again, we’re becoming more involved in our community,” Melissa, partner of Lifetime Care participant said.

We support over 1,700 people across the Lifetime Care scheme and Workers Care Program. 

The majority of the people who are supported have had a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, while some have injuries including amputations, severe burns or permanent blindness.

Our support coordinates and approves the funds to pay providers to deliver attendant care services; equipment and prostheses; educational and vocational training; and home or vehicle modifications.

Our staff are closely involved in assisting our participants to plan and set goals which aim to maximise their independence and quality of life. 

“Since leaving rehab, I can definitely say that my quality of life has improved drastically. icare has helped with a return to work program. Since the accident I’ve seen much care and support has been given to me, and I do want to contribute and give that care back to people,” said Matthew, a Lifetime Care participant.

icare also supports over 5,000 people in our Dust Diseases Care scheme, which provides compensation for people who have developed work-related dust diseases while working in NSW, and their dependants. We also help to arrange healthcare, nursing and personal care assistance, mobility aids, oxygen supplies and comprehensive support.

“Being there and being able to talk about it, that’s one of the best things. And that’s something that I found was great. The icare medical facility at Pitt Street Sydney is just beautiful, they have every type of equipment you need for dust disease,” said Etta, Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia. 

The voices of our Care participants

Hear from participants in our Lifetime Care and Dust Diseases Care schemes, and Workers Care Program, about the importance of improving quality of life and independence.