Di's journey

Life can change in a moment. Parking in your driveway is as everyday as it gets. 

Moments earlier, around the bend, a witness saw a car whizz by and called the police. Locals heard the collision. Let Di tell you her story.


Di sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, as well as multiple fractures. She was in hospital for two months, initially acute admission at Westmead Hospital followed by inpatient rehabilitation in the Westmead Hospital Brain Injury Unit.

Di is supported by icare lifetime care who alongside her case manager and a team of health professionals and attendant care workers have worked to help Di return home and actively participate in her community. The support has helped Di achieve her goals of returning to driving, volunteering with Legacy, looking after her garden, attending Rotary, public speaking and improving her physical fitness.

Prior to the accident, Di was a business manager, student, church member, volunteer and charity board member. Di was also a councillor for 10 years and the deputy mayor at one time.

Di's journey

Pulling out of your driveway is as everyday as it gets. Moments earlier around the bend a witness saw a car whizz by and called the police. Locals heard the collision. Di tells her story of her accident and the journey that follows

The ongoing care

Di has made remarkable progress in a relatively short time frame, through tailored rehabilitation along with family and community support.

Di continues to receive ongoing support from icare lifetime care to maintain her well-being, increase her independence and return to all the activities she enjoyed pre-injury, such as regular public speaking, being able to drive to where she needs to go or plan for using public transport.

Di’s rehabilitation story represents the positive impact that appropriate services provided at the right time and delivered collaboratively can have on a person’s outcome.

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