Customer achievements 2018

icare protects, insures and cares for the people, businesses and assets that make NSW great. As a social insurer, we’re always striving to deliver the very best outcomes for our customers.

In 2018 we continued to protect, insure and care. As at 31 December 2018. Over 326,000 public and private sector employers in NSW and their 3.6 million employees. 17.5 billion dollars worth of building and renovation works. 1388 number of participants in the Lifetime Care scheme. Provided medical and financial assistance to 4654 people affected by work related dust diseases including workers and dependants. 193 billion worth of state's assets protected.
  • For employers, we kept premiums steady at 1.4 per cent of wages for the fifth year in a row
For employers icare delivered over 100 million in premium discounts. Kept premiums steady at 1.4 per cent of wages forthe fifth year in a row. Insured over 234 billion in wages (public and private sectors). Launched new risk education platform for our government agency customers. Issued more than 37, 000 new workers insurance policies and renewed over 282,000 policies.
  • For injured workers, we introduced a Medical Support Panel, reducing average treatment approval periods from six weeks to five days
For injured workers: Introduced a Medical Support Panel that has reduced average treatment approval timeframes from six weeks to five days. Introduced a new claims model, replacing a system that had been in place for 30 years. Made over 9,000 outbound calls to injured workers per week, of which 1,700 were 'How are you going?' calls (As at 30 June 2018). $995 million paid to injured workers in weekly benefits. Returned over 83% of injured workers back to work in less than 26 weeks.
  • For injured road users, we introduced a planning tool to give participants in the Lifetime Care scheme more control over their care
For injured road users: My Plan. Introduced 'My Plan', an individualised planning tool, giving participants greater control of their care. 151 people entered the scheme this year as interim participants, including 12 children under 16 and 139 adults. 1388 number of participants in the Lifetime Care scheme. Participant numbers by injury type: Brain - 1046; Spinal - 306; Other - 36; Total = 1388
  • For people with dust disease, we opened a world-class, purpose-built, accessible screening clinic with the latest technology
For people with a dust disease it reduced the average timeframe to determine a dust diseases claim from 136.7 days to 32.14. A total of 7 home lung function visits have been conducted for workers unable to leave their home due to their health, age or mobility. Medical Assessment Panel in 2018 met 38 times and considered 2152 cases. Extended our mobile lung screen services to small and medium sized employers. Opened a new Dust Diseases Clinic with the extended capability and the latest technology to provide free world-class screening services.
  • For builders and homeowners, we supported more than 69,000 construction projects
For builders and homeowners in 2018 HBCF received 373 claims (excluding notificatins) while payments totalled $49.2 million. Consolidated our network of distributors from 109 to 24 to deliver a better customer outcome for our customers. Supported more than 69,00 construction projects. 2471 builders across NSW manage their insurance online via the 24/7 self-service portal. 34000 builders are insured under HBCF.
Our focus for 2019 remains the same - we are committed to improving the experience and outcomes for the people we serve as well as the financial sustainability of our schemes.