Commando Steve enlisted to raise mental health awareness at NIBA convention

The yearly broker event was the perfect stage for icare to promote our injury prevention strategies and connect with our broker network.

icare employees with commando steve at the NIBA event

Peter Walker, Geoff Henderson, Commando Steve, Rebecca Zervos and Rizwan Haque.

icare’s Industry Distribution team attended the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) convention this week to support our broker network, strengthening already established relationships and forging lasting new ones. The team also brought along mindfulness and fitness expert, Commando Steve who led a mindfulness session for almost 200 brokers so they could take a moment to consider their own mental health. 

“Brokers are part of the financial services industry where mental health claims are four times higher compared to the scheme average. Through initiatives such as the mindfulness session with Commando Steve we’re working to create awareness and provide brokers valuable tools to help them better manage stress", said Rizwan Haque, Strategic Broker Manager at icare.  

Held on 14-15 October at the Star Event Centre on the Gold Coast, the convention was the perfect place for icare and brokers to connect.  

“NIBA is one of the biggest annual congregations of brokers across Australia and is a prime place to show our support and continue to demonstrate how icare and brokers are working together.

“Brokers are integral in advising, communicating with and helping manage our vast array of employer customers and by partnering with them, we’re constantly collaborating on ways to improve our service towards better outcomes”, said Rizwan.      

The event gave icare the opportunity to promote of injury prevention strategies to brokers. Discussions centred around our Protect Together program (P2), Mental Health First Aid course and Safety Culture Survey, tools that employers may be able to use to improve injury prevention measures in their workplaces.

“We know that injury prevention, especially concerning mental health are increasing and brokers are interested in how they can support their clients in both the prevention and management of psychological injuries", said Rizwan.

“Talking to brokers at the stands was also a excellent way to hear their feedback and understand more about how we can assist them and develop ongoing mutually beneficial relationships”.