Chief medical advisor and chief medical officer appointed to drive optimal care

Dr. Leon Clark and Dr. Christopher Colquhoun have been appointed to improve the way icare delivers medical and healthcare treatments.

icare CEO Vivek Bhatia today announced the appointment of highly experienced healthcare professionals Dr. Leon Clark, Chief Medical Advisor and Dr. Christopher Colquhoun, Chief Medical Officer to improve the way icare delivers medical and healthcare treatments to its customers.

Dr Clark and Dr Colquhoun will apply their extensive medical practice background to icare’s care model and be tasked with embedding the latest global research and advancements in the fast evolving landscape of health and medicine.

“icare is focused on putting customers at the heart of everything we do and delivering world class medical and healthcare treatments is fundamental for the recovery of injured workers and road users,” Mr Bhatia said.

“Appointing a Chief Medical Officer and Advisor to join our team is a first for the NSW workers insurance and personal injury system and is a proven method to achieve the best care outcomes in comparable systems across the world.

“icare is extremely privileged to have attracted healthcare industry experts who bring extensive medical and healthcare proficiency across both the public and private health sectors.”

Vivek Bhatia icare CEO 

“Dr. Leon Clark is an experienced healthcare leader and medical professional and an expert in clinical governance, professional accountability and quality and safety in healthcare.

“As icare’s Chief Medical Advisor, Leon will be responsible for setting strategic direction as well as investment decisions in healthcare and medical services underpinning icare’s care model for injured workers and road users.

“Dr. Chris Colquhoun is a clinical Occupational Physician and expert in clinical governance, quality, assessment and health costing and has held a number of leadership roles in healthcare. He brings a wealth of leadership experience in the fields of occupational medicine, injury management, health surveillance, medicolegal assessments and research.

“As Chief Medical Officer, Chris will primarily focus on driving operational excellence and efficiency in the provision of healthcare and medical services across all of icare’s insurance and care schemes - ensuring those services are of the highest clinical standard and provide the best health outcomes for injured workers and road users.

“Both Chris and Leon will also work together to engage with medical and healthcare industry stakeholders and work with icare’s Executive and Board.

“I look forward to their ongoing contribution to ensuring icare customers receive the best medical and healthcare treatments available and providing them with a world class care experience,” Mr Bhatia said.

Chief medical advisor


Chief medical advisor Dr. Leon Clark







A qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Leon Clark commenced his career in hospital management in 1991 as Medical Executive Officer at Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH). Leon has held a number of leadership roles in healthcare, including 15 years as CEO of the largest private hospital in NSW (Sydney Adventist Hospital) and two years as President of the Australian Private Hospitals Association. In 2002 he was appointed CEO and subsequently Group CEO with the formation of Adventist HealthCare Limited in 2012, incorporating the San Day Surgery Hornsby and Dalcross Adventist Hospital.

As CEO of SAH, Leon and his team transformed SAH into a leading profitable business and led a recent multimillion redevelopment program – helping create one of the largest most comprehensive hospitals and not-for-profit providers of acute healthcare services in NSW, as well as Australia’s first integrated clinical school at the University of Sydney Medical School with undergraduate nursing, physiotherapy and pharmacy trainees on the same campus.

He brings extensive and current Board experience in the roles of Executive and Non- Executive Director, Board Secretary and Chairman, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Chief medical officer 

Dr. Christopher Colquhoun BSc (Med) MBBS (Hons), MScTech OccMed FAFOEM

Chief medical officer Dr. Christopher Colquhoun







 A clinical Occupational Physician and senior healthcare executive, Dr Chris Colquhoun is a seasoned leader in the areas of occupational medicine, injury management, quality control, governance, health surveillance and medicolegal assessments.

Chris has significant experience in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication to enable effective process review and improvement with mitigation of clinical, reputational and financial risk at an organisational level. He also keeps at the forefront of advancements in Evidence-Based Medicine stemming from the latest epidemiological research, recently publishing an article with editorial comment in the Oxford Journal on Occupational Medicine (Vol 66, Issue 3, 3 April 2016).

Prior to joining icare, Chris was NSW/ACT/VIC Regional Medical Director at Sonic HealthPlus reporting to the CEO and concurrently held the role of Chief Medical Officer for Immigration Medical Assessments, Disability Support Pension Medical Assessments and the Department of Justice and Regulation. At Sonic HealthPlus he led a team of Occupational Physicians, Medical Advisers and Allied Health Professionals, with provision of clinical guidance and support to the wider operational and administrative team to ensure transparent, consistent medical assessment outcomes.

Earlier in his career he also held number of roles at Medibank Health Solutions, including Lead Medical Officer of the Commonwealth, and NSW/ACT Regional Clinical Director Workplace Health.