Breaking down barriers to employment after injury

In 2018, the icare foundation will allocate $5 million to organisations who support injured workers trying to re-join the workforce

Part of the icare foundation’s mission is to assist injured workers return to meaningful and appropriate work as soon as possible. 

After a workplace injury, many workers find they extra support and assistance to re-join the workforce. This may include learning a new skill, retraining or making significant changes to their home and workplace for access and mobility. 

In most cases, the longer injured workers spend out of the workforce the more support they need to return. The path to inclusive employment involves employers, workers, doctors, insurers and training providers working together to overcome barriers to employment for injured workers.   

In 2018, icare foundation will allocate $5m to supporting inclusive employment schemes in NSW. 

The funds can be granted to third party training providers, social enterprises or other organisations that operate schemes dedicated to breaking down the barriers long term or severely injured workers face when returning to work. 

More information about this scheme including how to apply and a selection criteria will be released later in 2018. However, interested organisations can register their interest by contacting icare foundation at