A message from Don Ferguson, interim CEO and Managing Director of icare

This is a short note to introduce myself as the interim CEO and Managing Director of icare.

Supporting people to get back to work and life after injury is a priority for me. My background is in the care and support of people with disability and serious injury. I have over 25 years of experience across personal injury and disability in government and non-government sectors, including as a Director of MS Limited and leading the Lifetime Care and Support Authority of NSW.

My approach is to listen and learn from those with personal and professional experience and I deeply value the views of those with perspectives different to my own.

I acknowledge the turbulent time icare is going through and the associated concerns with the performance of the NSW workers compensation scheme. While intentions have been in the right place, icare hasn't always got things right from a process, delivery and transparency perspective.

I am focused on ensuring our organisation uses this challenging period as an opportunity to learn and provide better outcomes for our customers. We're making improvements in areas where we clearly aren't doing well enough and we will engage and take our customers with us as we develop a clear plan to deliver on this, including navigating through this difficult COVID-19 period. We know injured workers benefit most from early care to ensure they get back to work, so to support this we're making sure injured workers and their employers are supported in the right way and at the right time.

I understand there will be questions about our performance, and we need to better demonstrate our commitment to delivery, accountability and transparency. The icare team will work every day to make this difference and to support and care for our customers.

For the last week, since commencing as interim CEO, I have been holding daily question and answer sessions with staff right across icare and I can assure you, our people feel deeply about their work and customers.

I look forward to keeping you up-to-date and I welcome contact from you as we continue our critical work to shape and improve the delivery of services to the people and businesses of NSW.