A break for Tristan

Tristan, a Lifetime Care participant, enjoys a respite break at one of icare's properties in Coffs Harbour NSW.

Tristan with a seal in Coffs Harbour.

Tristan in Coffs Harbour.

His trail bike collided with a semi-trailer and he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, as well as spinal and multiple orthopaedic injuries. After undergoing an intensive rehabilitation program, Tristan lives an active life volunteering in his community garden, taking golf lessons and playing rugby.

Tristan is a Lifetime Care participant and receives support and care to assist him with daily living. He is also involved in raising awareness of road safety and regularly tells his story in forums including B Street Smart and the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program.

Recently, Tristan took a respite break at one of icare’s properties in Coffs Harbour, NSW. The property offers accessible respite accommodation for Lifetime Care and Workers Care participants living with traumatic brain injury. It provides a unique opportunity for participants to take a break from their usual routine and enjoy time to relax.

This was Tristan’s first visit to Coffs Harbour.  He and his support worker, Sean, drove up to the north coast of NSW to spend a week in the coastal city. Over the week, Tristan and Sean visited a water park, reptile park, played mini-golf and saw the famous Big Banana. At the reptile park they were greeted by crocodiles, snakes, water dragons, butterflies and seals. During a show, a dolphin jumped out to give Tristan a kiss.

“What I enjoyed most about my getaway was to have a break from my normal life. It was amazing! I did lots of activities in the short time. There were lots of things for people to try and share their experience with. Thank you icare for what you have done for me”. – Tristan, Lifetime Care Participant

If you would like to find out more about ways to access respite care contact your Lifetime Care or Workers Care Program contact:

1300 738 586
Tristan holding a snake.

Tristan holding a snake in Coffs Harbour.