icare procurement improvement program update

icare is making total contract values publicly available as part of our procurement improvement program.

icare has started to progressively update active service provider contracts that were previously listed without a total contract value on the NSW eTendering website.

These contracts relate to service provider panel arrangements that are in place to provide services across icare's Personal Injury, Prevention and Underwriting, Care and Organisational Performance business lines. The contracts are for a range of services including claims management, medical, legal and investigative services and premium collection services.

As previously noted on the NSW eTendering website, the Personal Injury service provider panel contracts were transitioned from the previous Scheme Agents to icare in 2017, to ensure continuity of services to injured workers.

Disclosing the contracts is part of icare's procurement improvement program and ongoing commitment to transparency.

The majority of panel arrangements relate to Personal Injury and Care services that varied due to the demand-driven nature of their work where customer choice of service provider often drives selection of service provider.

As part of the historical remediation, contracts were first disclosed with additional commentary on the type of contract and annual spend estimates.

Now that contract values have been confirmed, icare is updating the details to provide transparency about how much was actually spent across those contracts.

Contract values were withheld for a few contracts relating to claims management services due to commercial negotiations that were underway, and this was earlier described on the eTendering website. Now that commercial negotiations are complete the values will be updated accordingly.

icare has also revised its ongoing processes to ensure any future panel arrangements with initial uncertain total contract values will be estimated and disclosed as an estimate value. Contract values will then be adjusted and published periodically based on actual contract values.

This is the latest initiative from icare's procurement improvement program and follows on from icare's announcement that all active contracts have been disclosed on the NSW eTendering website, in line with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

The remediation program has already made improvements to icare's procurement practices to ensure we meet all relevant government procurement requirements. 

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