icare case manager Megan is thriving in her role

Gosford-based icare case manager, Megan has long held an interest in Acquired Brain Injury.

Megan in her garden smiling at the camera.

Case Manager Megan

In 2016 Megan completed a masters thesis on the subject of Acquired Brain Injury. Her studies gave her a unique insight of how a brain injury can impact not only individuals but also their family and friends. This impact, she said, is not dissimilar from the clients that she works with at icare who have sustained any work-related injury that prevents them from working.

Originally trained as a speech pathologist, Megan joined the icare claims support team in March 2019 as a claims support administrator. She quickly familiarised herself with the case management procedures and completed training designed for case managers. As a result, she was quickly promoted into a case management role in May 2019.

"This understanding, combined with my previous experience as an allied health professional, has ensured that people are at the centre of what I do on a daily basis. I joined icare because I'd heard some really positive things such as its collaborative work with clients and its role in helping injured workers return to work. This really resonates with me and I love the work," said Megan.

"Megan has really thrived in this role and is always looking for opportunities to seek feedback and to critically analyse what has worked and what hasn't in any given client interaction. She consistently demonstrates the highest level of empathy and has quickly developed her workers compensation knowledge."

"Just over a year in the job, she now manages a portfolio of claims for workers compensation professionals, providing the highest level of service to workers compensation front line staff," said icare Team Leader, Claire.

Supporting her clients and their families

Since joining icare, Megan has also grown professionally in part because of the support she receives from her colleagues and senior management. This, she said, goes a long way to help her achieve a very satisfying and rewarding work-life balance.

In addition to assisting with medical appointments, Megan works collaboratively with her clients and their healthcare providers to coordinate their treatment and rehabilitation needs following the injury. She offers ongoing support for her clients and their families to ensure they are receiving the correct injury management and emotional support. 


“icare's philosophy of a social heart means a lot to me and is really quite rare in the corporate world.”

"Whether because of a knee injury or simply a broken leg, our clients have very often had their lives turned upside down through no fault of their own and it’s important to me that we give these people the best care available. I enjoy regular contact with my clients assisting them with their claims during difficult periods of their lives," she said.

And nowhere was that assistance more important than during the bushfires that ravaged much of NSW over summer. A higher than usual volume of claims from volunteers during this tragic natural occurrence meant that Megan dealt with a mixed case load of both physical and psychological claims with many clients suffering from severe levels of anxiety. COVID-19 has only added to that anxiety making 2020 a challenging year for Megan and her team.

"Given the significant events that we've experienced in late 2019 and to date this year, my team has worked really well together. It has been a tough year for our clients, but my colleagues have been truly amazing. They all just want to help people wherever they can," she said.

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