Closure of Western Sydney injured workers support group

The Craig’s Table NSW Board has made the difficult decision to cease operations of its program in Girraween.

Craig’s Table has delivered benefits to injured workers through their program operating out of their centre in Western Sydney, but unfortunately the business model has proven to be unsustainable, particularly in the current context.

icare Group Executive Customer and Community, Sara Kahlau said that icare was attracted to the innovative concept that Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson had developed in South Australia because her approach focused on the broader needs of the injured worker.

"We know there is a gap between the medical needs of injured workers and their psychological and social needs. We saw how Rosemary’s approach was led by injured workers, who supported each other to regain their confidence and capability to transition back into employment," Ms Kahlau said.

"We saw some really positive results throughout the program. The Social and Economic Impact Report, conducted by Urbis, found that for every $1 invested in the Craig’s Table Program, $3 of benefit was created, while the Sax Institute evaluation in 2019 showed that the program had a satisfaction rate of 91 per cent."

icare will continue to work closely with Rosemary and her team over the coming months to capture the learnings from the Craig’s Table program.

"We will take the lessons from Craig’s Table with us into the future, as we determine how as a funder we can continue to support innovative programs to be more effective and have more impact," Ms Kahlau said.

"I'd like to thank Rosemary and Corey for the value Craig's Table has delivered to icare customers. Through the time they spent at Craig's Table, they have built relationships and skills that have enhanced the quality of their lives and increased their opportunities to return to work and a more fulfilled life."

"The program has reminded us what is important in people’s lives – a sense of belonging, being heard and being able to get on with life. Craig's Table has provided icare with the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, unlocking greater potential to drive benefit for our customers to find new ways to return to work where other approaches have not been successful," Ms Kahlau said.