Winners of icare's 2017 TMF Awards announced

icare executive Tim Plant announces the winners of the 2017 icare TMF Awards for Excellence in Risk Management

icare Group Executive Self Insurance, Innovation & Community, Tim Plant, announced the winners of the 2017 icare TMF (Treasury Managed Fund) Awards for Excellence in Risk Management, which commend the NSW government sector’s most advanced agencies in workplace risk-management.

“Our vision is to achieve world-class social and commercial outcomes for the long-term benefit of government agencies and the NSW community.  This includes providing risk services and advice so we can drive innovative, sustainable outcomes for society, our economy and the environment,” Mr Plant said.

“Our TMF Awards are iconic to the sector. They are a magnificent opportunity to recognise innovators in workplace risk management, who challenge the way we think about preventing and responding to workplace risk and achieve the highest standard in doing so.”
Tim Plant, icare Group Executive Self Insurance, Innovation & Community

“This year’s finalists and winners have shown leadership, passion and commitment to creating risk aware and safer work cultures through effective organisational risk management. I am excited by the ingenuity and the ongoing commitment of the public service to improve the safety and risk management of the people who serve our community. I congratulate all finalists for their outstanding submissions."Mr Plant said

Among the winners at icare’s 2017 TMF Awards was People’s Choice Award recipient, NSW Department of Education for its SeekSMART initiative - a behavioural insights-based methodology which supports employees to make a successful transition through the job redeployment process. 

The initiative takes a ‘whole-person’ approach to managing workplace risk (factoring in potential mental wellness effects on the individual), and by recognising the impact the redeployment and job-seeking process can have on the individual.

SeekSMART has proven itself a viable tool to assist long term job-detached workers to find new employment opportunities. By providing a tailored approach to vocational counselling based on the individual’s readiness to change, the program has helped people successfully reconnect within the workforce and contribute within their community again through continuing employment.

Marnie O’Brien, Executive Director, Health & Safety, NSW Department of Education said: “We are honoured to be recognised for initiatives like our SeekSMART program through icare’s TMF People’s Choice Award. 

“We applaud the valuable work carried out across the NSW public sector which makes a positive difference to the lives of people and communities, including our regional towns”, she said.

“This win also represents our department’s commitment to supporting our people at all stages of recovery, including their transition or redeployment into new suitable opportunities.

“Employee wellbeing is a high priority for the department, and this program demonstrates the innovative approach we have taken together with icare claims manager, Allianz.

“This award encourages our Health & Safety team to continue to work innovatively by constantly improving how we manage risk within our department, as well as across the education sector,” Ms. O’Brien said. 

icare’s 2017 TMF Conference and Awards was held over the 5 and 6 September and was attended by more than 500 senior executives and risk management professionals from NSW government agencies.

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icare's 2017 TMF Awards for Excellence – Winners & Highly Commended

Frameworks & Systems

 Outcome Agency  Nomination 
 Winner  Department of Industry, in partnership with Allianz  Injury Management Framework
 Highly Commended  Northern NSW Local Health District, in partnership with QBE  Recovery at Work - Collaborative Injury Management

  Innovation - Design

 Outcome   Agency   Nomination
 Winner Fire & Rescue NSW   The Turnout Stronger Project
 Highly Commended  NSW Police Force  Multi-threat light armour vest

Innovation - Process

Outcome     Agency   Nomination
  Winner  Northern Sydney Local Health District, in partnership with General Practitioners and Medical Specialists Pumping Iron
 Highly Commended  Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network, in partnership with Corrective Services NSW & Hepatitis NSW Elimination of Hepatitis C in a Prison Setting

Innovation – Reporting & Risk Intelligence

Outcome  Agency  Nomination
 Winner Department of Industry  Telematics 

Risk Leadership

 Outcome Agency  Nomination 
 Winner  NSW Health – NSW Maternity Risk Network  Associate Professor Michael Nicholl

People's Choice

 Outcome Agency  Nomination 
 Winner  Department of Education, in partnership with Allianz. SeekSMART 
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