A new icare workers insurance claims process from January 2018

From January 2018, icare workers insurance will have a new online claims process to improve the claims experience of injured workers and their employers.

What changes on 1 January 2018

  • Online form goes live and is available for employers, injured workers and third party representatives
  • EML will be the appointed provider of claims management for icare for new claims under the icare workers insurance scheme
  • GIO and Allianz will continue to manage existing claims from 1 January 2018, but new claims will be lodged through a new online form or through our customer support centre, managed by EML
  • CGU and QBE will exit the icare workers insurance scheme. Their existing claims (claims notified up to and including 31 December 2017 that are ongoing) will transfer to GIO for continued management.

Transforming our claims process

We’ve designed a new model that will couple the latest technology with highly capable teams to deliver a service that is aligned to the needs of employers and workers.

At the heart of the model is a new online form that will allow quick and effective notification and triage of an injury.

Employers, workers and third parties (such as the injured worker’s doctor, or lawyer) will have the choice to lodge their claim directly through the form or alternatively they can continue to contact us by phone, post, or email.

What these changes mean for you

An additional method to report an injury

From 1 January 2018, you’ll be able to use the online form to report an injury.

You can continue to report an injury by mail, email and phone.

When the online form is available, a PDF version will also be available to download, and may be posted or emailed to the EML team. 

A streamlined approach

By using the online form, you can move through the process more quickly than by post or email. 

For example, if the claim is low risk, for instance a claim for medical treatment only, we can reduce the intervention levels required and deliver a quicker resolution. 

More complex claims can be quickly assigned to highly-trained and experienced specialist case managers. 

We want to deliver the best return to work outcomes for injured workers and employers appropriate to the complexity of the claim and the new model will make that a much more transparent and equitable process for all involved.

Ability to upload documents to an existing notification

From 1 January 2018, you’ll be able to go online and upload supporting documents (eg. wage payment details) to an injury you’ve reported to us.

Using your injury notification number, you can upload a document to a claim, after which a claims team member will review the document and then take appropriate next steps. 

Reducing the barriers to report an injury

The process to report an injury will become easier and more flexible.

The employer, injured person or third party (otherwise known as the notifier) will be able to provide a minimum amount of information to report an injury.

Once it has been reported online, the notifier will receive an injury notification number and the injured person will have access to provisional support until liability is determined.

Further information may be required to determine the right level of care the injured worker requires, as well as to determine liability. This information may be provided online at this time, or the notifier can opt out and provide further information by phone later. 

Time it takes to notify

The time it takes to complete the online form will depend on the injured person’s circumstances, and the amount of information you need to provide. 

Generally speaking, a simple injury notification will take around 10 minutes. If you have a lot of information to provide, including documents to upload, please allow around 20-30 minutes to complete the process.

You have a maximum of two hours to complete the form, after which, the session will time out and your information will be submitted.

If you’re short on time, you can notify us online that an injury has occurred, and continue to provide EML information by phone later.

More visibility

The online form will ask for contact details of those involved in the injury. Where contact details are provided, the relevant parties will be kept up to date by email, and a phone call to the injured worker and employer within three working days (as appropriate).