Legal costs for lodging a workers compensation dispute

Legal support is available for injured workers who need help to make a claim or resolve a dispute about entitlements with their insurer.

If you need legal advice to make a claim or resolve a dispute about entitlements you can contact The Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) or visit the WIRO website.

WIRO manages the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS) which can provide you with access to free advice from approved lawyers.

WIRO can also help resolve complaints made about insurers.


WIRO is an independent office established by the NSW Government to help injured workers and employers navigate through the Workers Compensation Scheme.

    Functions of WIRO

  • Help for injured workers

    If you’re an injured worker with issues, enquiries or concerns about your claim with the insurer, WIRO can contact the insurer on your behalf to find a solution. 

    Insurers have agreed to provide a response to WIRO within two business days. Where more information is provided, it may take longer.

    In many cases WIRO is able to negotiate a reasonable outcome for an injured worker, with more than 80 per cent of complaints resolved within 10 days.

    You don’t need to contact the insurer before seeking help from WIRO.

  • Legal help

    If you’re seeking funding to make a claim or resolve a dispute about entitlements, contact WIRO or one of the approved lawyers listed on the WIRO website, and an application will be made by that lawyer.

    For more information on how to get legal help from WIRO, visit the WIRO website.

    If you’re seeking help with a work capacity decision merit review, these legal costs are met by your insurer.

    For more information on when legal costs are payable for merit reviews, visit the SIRA website.

  • Help for employers

    If you’re an employer having difficulty finding a solution to a claims management issue with your insurer, WIRO can help.

    For more information on what WIRO can help employers with, visit the WIRO website.

  • General workers insurance help
    WIRO provides education for everyone involved in the provision of any part of the NSW Workers Insurance Scheme, by providing speakers to any interested group and also by delivering seminars in CBD and regional areas.
  • Contact WIRO

    There is no charge for the service.

    Contact WIRO on 13 94 76 or email