Funding and support for dust diseases research

We fund research that aims to optimise health and care outcomes for people living with a dust disease and their families. 

icare dust diseases care provides financial and health care support to over 4,000 people affected by work-related dust diseases annually, and we are committed to continual improvement of these services.

Through funding research into the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dust diseases, we aim to reduce the risk of people developing a dust disease.

We currently run three funding programs that help deliver a range of positive outcomes to people affected by dust diseases.

Funding for Competitive Grants

We offer funding for competitive grants that target the following three areas:

  1. Clinical trial infrastructure support grants
    to fund infrastructure costs (venue, staff, resources and bio-banking facilities) to support clinical trials.
  2. Discovery grants
    for research projects undertaken by individual researchers or research teams undertaking basic and transnational research, exploratory and novel studies, and high risk and high reward studies.
  3. Translational research grants
    to facilitate the translation of research discoveries into clinical trial areas.

The current funding round for Competitive Grants has now closed. 

For more information regarding the next round of funding please contact our Research and Education unit on (02) 8223 6600 or via email Dust Disease Care.

Funding for scholarship and fellowships

Our research strategy supports building research capacity in dust diseases relevant fields and offers funding for scholarships and fellowships.

We offer funding for PhD scholarships, postdoctoral and clinical fellowships for a maximum period of three years, to contribute to:

  • Creating new knowledge
  • Accelerating research translation
  • Building research capacity.

For more information regarding the next round of funding please contact our Research and Education unit on (02) 8223 6600 or via email

Funding for support organisations

We grant funding to groups or organisations that provide support to people with a dust disease and their families. Through funding organisations that support people with a dust disease and their families, we aim to:

  • inform and educate people about dust diseases and the Scheme
  • support people through the Scheme’s compensation process
  • optimise the well-being of people with a dust disease.

Eligible groups and organisations are encouraged to apply for assistance.

To find out if your organisation is eligible to receive funding and to find out more, download our application guidelines (below).

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