Funding and support for dust diseases research 

We fund research that aims to optimise health and care outcomes for people living with a dust disease and their families. 

icare Dust Diseases Care provides financial and health care support to over 4,000 people affected by work-related dust diseases annually, and we are committed to continual improvement of these services.

icare Dust Diseases Care aims, through funding research into causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dust diseases, to reduce the risk of people developing dust diseases and to optimise health and care outcomes for people with a dust disease and their families.

icare Dust Diseases Care has developed the following grant funding streams to help deliver a range of positive outcomes to workers affected by dust diseases:

  • Ideas to Action Grants: Discovery grants and Translational Research grants
  • Focus grants
  • Scholarships and Fellowships grant program
  • Support Organisations grants

Funding for ideas to action and focus grants

We offer grant program funding for the following areas:

Discovery grants 

For research projects undertaken by individual researchers or research teams undertaking basic and translational research, exploratory and novel studies, and high risk and high reward studies.

Closing date: 2 August 2019

Translational research grants

Translational Research grants are available to facilitate the rapid transformation of research discoveries into clinical trials. 

Closing date: 2 August 2019

Funding for focus grants

Focus grants are available for projects that are aligned to specified target areas, that may change annually.

For 2019/2020 the Focus grants are available for projects that are focused on Occupational Exposure to Silica. Focus grants applications should be aligned to one of the 3 problem statements

  • How can we create greater awareness around the dangers of working with silica containing materials?
  • How can we reduce the incidence of silica related occupational diseases?
  • How can we best support workers who are diagnosed with a silica related disease?

Closing Date: 2 August 2019

Application forms and guidelines

Please see the download links below for the Grant programs application guidelines and the application forms for the Discovery grants, Translational Research grants and the Focus grants.

For more information, please contact our Research and Education unit via email

All grants programs applications close 2 August 2019

Scholarships and fellowships grant program

The Dust Disease Boards Grants Strategy supports building research capacity in dust diseases in dust diseases research to ensure ongoing pursuit of excellence research in relevant fields through funding for scholarships and fellowships. 

We are currently inviting eligible students, clinicians and researchers to make an application for funding of up to three years for:

  • PhD Scholarships 
  • Postdoctoral 
  • Clinical Fellowships.  

Funding for support organisations

We grant funding to groups or organisations that provide support to people with a dust disease and their families. Through funding organisations that support people with a dust disease and their families, we aim to: 

  • inform and educate people about dust diseases and the Scheme
  • support people through the Scheme’s compensation process
  • optimise the wellbeing of people with a dust disease.

Eligible groups and organisations are encouraged to apply for assistance. 

To find out if your organisation is eligible to receive funding please contact our Research and Education unit via email

If you'd like to be notified about upcoming funding programs, join our contact list.


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