Veronica Sestic

Clear Vision Psychology


Wyong, NSW

Dural, Sydney, NSW

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About Veronica 

"Veronica provides case management and assessment services to adults and children following significant injuries as well as support for clients and their families. As a registered psychologist, who has worked in the private and public sector, she has vast experience in dealing with diversity, disability, and conflict resolution and case management scenarios.

Veronica is able to provide case management services and planning support from the onset of injury and throughout the rehabilitation journey.

Case management services are discussed with each participant and/or participant’s family members (depending on appropriateness and need) at the time of referral. Agreement is then sought to determine the best approach for ongoing communication and preferences for care and therapy needs. Veronica is keen to provide participants and their families with a framework aimed at enabling them to fully participate in life post injury.

Areas of Specialisation:

  • Adults and children with spinal cord injury
  • Adults and children with traumatic brain injury
  • Adults and children with amputations"