Terry Reynolds

Keystone Professionals


Lane Cove, Sydney NSW

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About Terry

"Terry is a rehabilitation counsellor who has worked for both public and private occupational rehabilitation organisations for the last 20 years. He has provided services such as:

  • case management
  • initial needs assessments
  • workplace assessments
  • ergonomic assessments
  • activities of daily living assessments
  • vocational assessments
  • work options plans
  • vocational counselling
  • job seeking training
  • work capacity assessments."

About Keystone Professionals

"Keystone Professionals was established in 2003 and is an approved workplace rehabilitation provider under the State Insurance Regulatory Authority. It also has a number of approved case managers for Lifetime Care, working with injured people under Lifetime Care and Workers Care.

The Keystone Professionals team have extensive experience in assisting people move through the stages of rehabilitation and issue resolution to optimise participation and optimise their recovery and achieve goals that have been agreed, using a client-centred approach, within the guidelines of the relevant scheme or jurisdiction.

Clear, consistent, evidence-based and strategic communication with all parties is a key attribute of the Keystone Professionals team, in order to facilitate change and optimise rehabilitation outcomes.

Keystone Professionals offers quality assessment, injury management and rehabilitation services for people aged 16 years and over, delivered by skilled professionals, with an average of 15 years' experience in workplace rehabilitation and further experience in other clinical settings. Our focus is on continuing professional development so as to provide optimal service delivery at all times, for all parties.

The team includes:

  • occupational therapists
  • rehabilitation counsellors
  • psychologists
  • physiotherapists/exercise physiologists
  • employment placement consultants."