Stephanie Johnson

Arc Rehabilitation Services


Brisbane, QLD

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About Stephanie

"I have been working as an occupational therapist and case manager for over 20 years, and my experience has been working with clients living in the community, who have sustained severe and traumatic injuries usually either at work or in a motor vehicle accident. I have extensive experience in providing occupational therapy services and case management of clients with a range of injuries including severe to mild brain injury and clients with a spinal injury, both complete and incomplete.

I particularly enjoy the role of case manager, as it provides the opportunity to work closely with a client, assisting them identify their goals, and working with them in the achievement of their goals. I provide a proactive, client focused and effective service, with care, consideration and empathy.

Although based in Brisbane, I travel regularly to regional Queensland and the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Having grown up in Northern New South Wales, I have an understanding of the challenges that rural living often presents and the services available in this region, and in the South East Queensland region.

I am also FIM credentialed."