Margot Lilley

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Gordon, Sydney NSW

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About Margot

"Margot is an occupational therapist with over 20 years' clinical experience, specialising in the provision of case management and occupational therapy rehabilitation services for adults following severe injuries; including acquired and traumatic brain injury and spinal injury. She has experience in both acute, rehabilitation and community based services for people with spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries throughout NSW.

Margot has provided services for the Lifetime Care since 2007 and has in-depth knowledge of these organisations guidelines, procedures and forms required for the provision of services and equipment. She understands that having a severe injury affects not only the individual but also all the lives of those surrounding the person. Margot views case management as essential to the rehabilitation process to support the person with the injury and their family to adapt to new circumstances post-injury. An experienced person to coordinate and facilitate treatment, rehabilitation and care services can make this transition more streamlined, and a positive participant focused rehabilitation team in place can facilitate more optimal outcomes in the short and longer terms.

Margot works collaboratively with the person with the injury, significant others, icare coordinator and treating medical and rehabilitation team to develop and attain meaningful, relevant and realistic goals. She has assisted with the setup and review of new care programs with high level support needs, and provided ongoing reviews to ensure the sustainability of these programs over time from a case management perspective. Margot takes all possible steps to be responsive and provide flexible service delivery, with a participant focus to meet short and longer term rehabilitation outcomes for people who have newly had an injury (as well as people seeking to develop new goals as they progress along with time after their injury).

Area of speciality

  • spinal cord injury
  • traumatic brain injury
  • severe injuries with complex multiple conditions/diagnosis
  • cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders."