Liz Brownlee

Wise OT Solutions


Revesby, Sydney NSW

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About Liz

"Liz is the founder and Director of Wise OT Solutions with over 13 years experience in a variety of clinical settings, specialising in the area of catastrophic injuries. Liz has worked as an occupational therapist and case manager in complex and catastrophic injuries including brain and spinal injury, burns and amputees, within the CTP, worker’s compensation and Lifetime Care schemes. She understands that that these types of injuries have a huge impact on the lives of the participant and their families who require an experienced person to assist in co-ordinating treatment, rehabilitation and care through this difficult time.

Liz works closely with the participant and their family to set client focussed, achievable goals, engage the treating providers and encourage maximum functional independence in all areas of activities of daily living.

Areas of speciality: Adults with traumatic brain injury, burns, amputation, spinal cord injury and intellectual disability"