Kathryn Caukill

Occupational Therapy Network


Oatley, Sydney NSW

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About Kathryn

"Kathryn is a case manager and occupational therapist who assists people with severe injuries to make the transition from hospital discharge to life at home. She works with people with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, burns and vision impairment.  The age of her clients range from teenage to the elderly.

Kathryn provides quality case management, coordinating treatment, arranging rehabilitation and attendant care, return-to-work and aged care.  She is dedicated to obtaining the best outcomes for her clients.

Kathryn has been working with icare (Lifetime Care and Workers Care) for many years and is very familiar with the requirements for requesting and obtaining funding.  

In her role as principal of OT Network, Kathryn oversees service delivery and mentors other case managers." 

About Occupational Therapy Network

"Since establishment in 1999, Occupational Therapy Network has become highly regarded for quality case management and rehabilitation.  Our case managers are qualified, experienced health professionals and registered occupational therapists.  Our particular skill is coordinating treatment, rehabilitation and care for people with severe injuries and disabilities.  We work with people who have acquired brain impairment, spinal cord injury, amputations, burns and vision impairment.  

OT Network case managers understand that injury and disability affects people in many different ways. We understand that each person is unique with different ideas, strengths, interests and needs.  We know how important it is that the needs of each person are met.  We work with specialist providers to arrange effective treatment and care to obtain the best results.  

OT Network case managers work collaboratively with each participant (including family/carers) and the treating team to develop plans within icare guidelines.   

Our case managers focus on each unique situation, understanding that people are so much more than their injury or disability.  We value each person’s dignity, respect and involvement in planning for their future."