Jennifer Abbas



Liverpool, NSW

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About Jennifer 

"Jennifer is a qualified rehabilitation counsellor who has been providing assessment, case management functions and general return to work services to a wide-range of clients with both physical and psychological injuries/disabilities. Jennifer has worked as a rehabilitation counsellor for over 14 years and her passion includes providing assistance to people to help them return to meaningful vocational activities or employment. These activities have included facilitation of courses/training, work experience and paid employment.  

Jennifer has worked with a varied group of people from differing cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Jennifer has knowledge of the Arabic language and is able to communicate directly with Arabic speaking clients, which has allowed for more effective management of such clients.  

Jennifer is available for phone contact Tuesday and Thursday between 9.30am-4.30pm. If she is unavailable for any reason, Reboundrehab employs numerous LTCS approved/new case managers that may be able to assist you."