Inbal Luft

Encompass Occupational Therapy


Gladesville, Sydney NSW

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About Inbal 

"Inbal has specialist skills in the delivery of case management and occupational therapy rehabilitation services to adults with neurological, complex orthopaedic and amputee conditions, particularly acquired brain injury. Services include:
• Independent functional activities of daily living and care assessments, including medico-legal assessments
• Prescription of adaptive equipment, assistive technology and home modifications for people with a range of disabilities
• Establishing and coordinating implementation of attendant care programs for people with complex needs, including provision of carer training
• Implementation of occupational therapy treatment programs, including functional cognitive rehabilitation and daily living activity retrainin.
• Provision of specialist training on how to support people with cognitive and behavioural impairments following acquired brain impairment
• Worked within CTP, WorkCover NSW, Lifetime Care schemes and within public and private inpatient and community health services
• Involvement in clinical research and evidence based practice"